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Born And raised in St Petersburg Fla, I graduated from Pinellas Park High School in 1983. Around that time I was introduced to one of my first passions which was and still is music.  I ‘ve  always had a burning desire to become my own boss, remember my first passion was music so I was a Dj from the age of 16 to well into my early adulthood years. After I hung up my earphones I decided to start selling cars to make extra cash to supplement my fulltime job. That was cool for awhile but I knew I needed to go bigger. I remember after I browsed the help wanted sec of the sunday paper I would then browse the real estate for sec as well. Back then I always wondered what it would be like to buy and sell realestate. Well fast forward to March of 06 after the death of my mother I decided to take my inheritance and invest in real estate. I bought my first property for 40K where I turned a profit of 90K man that was sweeeeet to say the least.    I was hooked from the moment I left the closing table. I remember driving to the bank and I looked over to my wife and said I’m going in to deposit this one. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t going in to gloat or anything , but I just had to see the expression on the tellers face when she saw that check. Yep it was definitely worth the walk in to the teller, and from that moment on I became a real estate investor.

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