Where Do I Find The Good Deals !!!

This a question I hear all the time and the truth of the matter is this. There’s deals all around us and there’s more than enough to go around for everyone. So lets get to it … First and foremost lets start with your budget if you’re like most beginners you’re faced with little to no money to startout with. If that’s the case then you definitely want to start out with sites such as http://zillow.com or http://fsbo.com  and don’t forget about the crowd favorite http://craigslist.org . These are all sites that you can go on to search for properties for free in your area and believe me the leads are plentiful.  You can also generate free property leads by finding other investors in your area and joining there mailing list. This will allow you to receive emails every time that investor gets a new property in his inventory. Now thats just a few of the proven ways to find free quality leads on a shoestring budget. Now go out there and give it a shot !!!