Finding Good Deals Part 2 ( REO’s )

In my previous post we discussed the free ways to find good deals in real estate. On this post we will discuss ways to find good deals that require you to spend money. Depending on your budget one way is to look at bank owned properties. Bank owned properties or REO’s as they are commonly called are a good source for good deals simply because they are plentiful, they are vacant and easy to show and you don’t need any money to find these deals but you will need money for your Ernest money deposit if you decide to purchase a bank owned property. You can find reo’s one of two ways the most common is to find a realtor that list and sells bank owned properties in your area and tell him you’re looking to buy . Tell him what your criteria is and he will then set you up to receive daily emails when properties that meet your criteria hit the market.  You can also search for yourself at sites such as, just to name a few. As always now go out there and take action !!!