Finding Good Deals Part 2 ( REO’s )

In my previous post we discussed the free ways to find good deals in real estate. On this post we will discuss ways to find good deals that require you to spend money. Depending on your budget one way is to look at bank owned properties. Bank owned properties or REO’s as they are commonly called are a good source for good deals simply because they are plentiful, they are vacant and easy to show and you don’t need any money to find these deals but you will need money for your Ernest money deposit if you decide to purchase a bank owned property. You can find reo’s one of two ways the most common is to find a realtor that list and sells bank owned properties in your area and tell him you’re looking to buy . Tell him what your criteria is and he will then set you up to receive daily emails when properties that meet your criteria hit the market.  You can also search for yourself at sites such as, just to name a few. As always now go out there and take action !!!

Where Do I Find The Good Deals !!!

This a question I hear all the time and the truth of the matter is this. There’s deals all around us and there’s more than enough to go around for everyone. So lets get to it … First and foremost lets start with your budget if you’re like most beginners you’re faced with little to no money to startout with. If that’s the case then you definitely want to start out with sites such as or  and don’t forget about the crowd favorite . These are all sites that you can go on to search for properties for free in your area and believe me the leads are plentiful.  You can also generate free property leads by finding other investors in your area and joining there mailing list. This will allow you to receive emails every time that investor gets a new property in his inventory. Now thats just a few of the proven ways to find free quality leads on a shoestring budget. Now go out there and give it a shot !!!

Why Invest in Real Estate ?

IMG_1301Though, real estate has taken a thump in the recent years, but still it is one of the healthiest ways of investment in the long run. Moreover, investing in any property during a slump is a wise idea as it brings lucrative returns. Here’s why making an investment in this sector can prove to be beneficial.

Easy to give it a start

There’s no requirement of having any specific or professional knowledge to start dealing in real estate. Many property investors did not start with an idea of making money from it. Instead, they just paid money for a property to live in. Observing the increasing rates of their property with time gave them an idea to invest in and make profits from. Hence, it proves that investing in real estate hardly asks for specific skills.

Affordable for every budget

The best part that it offers is a chance for everyone to invest in. Whatever your budget may be, you can buy a property according to your choice if you make the purchase smartly. Moreover, the bank facility allows you have an easy approach to financing a property. If you are proficient in making deals you can easily pocket the benefits from your property.

Safe investment

An investment in the stock market or any other business may include a lot of risks, but investing in real estate is undoubtedly safe. The property value keeps on multiplying without any serious volatility. Though there is a downfall in the property rates today, but it is for a small time period. It is merely to bring down the excessive hikes that took place in the last few years. Once, the things will be settled the market value will again increase, which will be a benefit for the investors. It is guaranteed that the property will pay back, even if you have invested without any intention of making money from it.

Long term investment

Who does not want to make an investment and benefit from it throughout one’s life? Everybody does. For that real estate proves to be the best option. It’s a lifetime investment. You can simply buy a property, can put it on rent or can earn the double of invested amount by selling it after a particular time period.

In simple words, you can use your investment to run a business once you are retired or to operate a regular income by leasing it. This way every investment is a profit for future.

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